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Zapping Goal! soccer club AS Saint-Etienne: The question of the day

In a live of which he has the secret, Romain Molina tackled the sale of AS Saint-Etienne. And he had a lot to say, especially since he managed to get his hands on the brochure sent to candidates for the takeover of the club. While Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caiazzo swear their sole concern is to find the best possible buyer for the club, the reality seems quite different. Everything is done to attract a financier who knows nothing about the club, since the value of the workforce is inflated, as is the popularity of the Greens, not to mention the management, funny put forward…

“On the brochure, there is still something you have to look at, first page: “Saint-Étienne, the best manager’s club in France”. Good. The whole brochure is made to attract investors and today he argument that is used today is transfers. Almost all the brochure and the speech are based on transfers: “Come because you are going to make profits, because you are going to make transfers”. is not specified, it is that the club is in structural deficit, looking at before COVID we realize that ASSE excluding transfers loses 14 million euros. To stay afloat, the club needs transfers. sentence indicated in red explains that depending on the current squad, you can generate more than 100 M€ in return on investment… But 200 M€ too, why not! There are also some player valuations (ex: minimum value of Nordin: €9m, minimum value of Camara: €14m).

“We learn that ASSE has 8 million fans in the country!”

“I can’t resist showing you this in the brochure, even if it’s still marketing, it shows how much in the world of football you can take people for idiots and investors for pigeons. We learn that the ASSE has 8 million fans in the country, so I don’t mind it being a popular and historic club, among the most loved in France, but 8 million anyway… It is indicated that these figures are taken from an IPSOS study of 2019. We went to consult her but the figures are not at all 8 million, obviously it was 1.8 million supporters, not 8. For the stadium, it is marked that it was renovated for 80 million when no it’s 58 million.”

ASSE and the false brochure

Journalist Romain Molina obtained the brochure concerning the sale of AS Saint-Etienne. Most of the figures are exaggerated, such as the number of supporters of the Greens in France or the value of the workforce.

Raphael Nouet