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ASSE was eliminated from the Coupe de France at the end of January by residents of N3, Bergerac. Tight on the scoreboard, this defeat was still quite heavy for the Ligue 1 players to take and even had a greater magnitude than one could imagine.

In an interview with Bien Public, Bergerac defender Kévin Mingoua even confides that his team’s victory against ASSE has gone around the world. “We are well aware of our achievement against Saint-Etienne. I saw that it was talked about in foreign newspapers, in Spain, in England and even in Chile,” he said in the regional newspaper.

Pascal Dupraz was therefore right to qualify this hiccup as “shameful. The reaction was thus all the greater in Ligue 1 against Montpellier MHSC (3-1).

to summarize

ASSE got off to a bad start to its season. Numerous defeats have placed the club in a delicate situation. A recent quack from the club has gone around the world. The defeat of ASSE against Bergerac, in the Coupe de France, went around the world.

Adam Duarte