AS Saint-Etienne : Etienne Green, the next big sale of ASSE? | ASSE News

AS Saint-Etienne has a first-rate training center, and this has often enabled the Greens to avoid the worst.

On the pitch, the youngsters give their all even if they are struggling to keep the Forez club with their heads above the water. Financially, the sale of the top prospects has often paid off, with the departures of William Saliba and Wesley Fofana making it possible to put tens of millions of euros in the coffers. European clubs are well aware that ASSE’s nuggets are available for transfer if needed, at least until the club changes ownership. Thus, Team Talk reveals this Thursday that English clubs are flirting with Etienne Green to convince him to play in his country. The young goalkeeper of the Greens has indeed a history rooted in Saint-Etienne, but his father is English and he was born in Colchester before moving quickly to France.

West Ham and Tottenham land

His first steps in the goals for the England Under-21 team have sparked a brutal awakening in West Ham and Tottenham, who dream of bringing one of the next talents to the post. At just 21 years old, Etienne Green has in any case announced his choice to take on English sporting nationality, even if he obviously has dual civil nationality. This is seen as a call from the foot by the English candidates, convinced that they can bring the future number 1 of the Three Lions before he explodes. But ASSE saw the blow coming, and after a convincing start in Ligue 1, the young Saint-Etienne has twice extended his contract in a matter of months. No price has been mentioned for Etienne Green, but he is already rated by several recruiters above the 10 million mark, a rare thing for such a young goalkeeper. Not bad for a player who was completely unknown outside of his club less than a year ago.