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Ok, it’s true: there is a bit of a masochistic side to this approach. But the deeply disordered climate of the Greens does not really encourage showing off. So since we’re not really in the version, and it’s an understatement, “bulging chest on the grids” at the idea of ​​ASSE’s trip to Lyon this Friday, it’s also a question of reassuring ourselves. thinking that we have seen others… And then, “it’s only football” after all… No, that’s not an argument… Let’s face it: we found this exercise in self-mockery about the derbies rather funny.

Why ” since 2004 ? Because it is the last comeback in L1 of ASSE which lives its 18and consecutive season at the highest level pending the 19and (here’s one, touch of optimism). And that anyway, we were too young to remember those of the 80s-early 90s, moreover, without having yet caught the virus, finally that of football. But yes, we also thought of a top 5 of the most enjoyable derbies over these same 18 seasons.

The catch is that there were only 6 wins. And that each of them is enjoyable, of course. Let’s add that we only found two draws (out of eight) able to compete with them: Debuchy’s equalizer in the 90and in February 2018 and that of Khazri at the 95and in October 2021. Also, making a selection of 5 out of 8 competitors is not really great… The next choice will therefore be in ascending order of subjective, personal pain, dictated by equally personal memories and feelings.

5 – OL 2 / ASSE 1 on October 14, 2006

We suffered this derby at the Soggy Bottom pub in Saint-Etienne.

In beauty of the self-respecting vintage, we start with a feeling of injustice. This is what we retain, in all objectivity, from this 92and Derby. With the arrival of Hasek, the glass seems more half full than empty. There is now Heinz, Dernis, Landrin or even Ilan with us. And then Yoan Hautcœur too. The mayo takes and after having hit Paris at Geoffroy, it is in the unusual skin of 4and that we arrive at Gerland. The match is not appetizing but the ogre is far from biting us. Tiago sends us back to our classics à la 67and. It was then that, like the person concerned himself, we could not believe it: Hautcœur equalized immediately. And as a bonus, by a strange fact that is unknown to us in derby: luck.

It holds and it still holds. And the hope is emerging of getting out of it with more dignity than at the previous derby (read the humiliation ranked n°3). So it couldn’t last… At the 83and, Lamine Diatta, a defector from OL, was penalized for a penalty resulting from the overflowing imagination of one of those bald referees who make up 75% of the refereeing corps. He even smiled at his splendid combo: offside at the start of the action, red card, no contact and falling before the surface. “Another blow from Aulas!” », I then finely analyzed (about Lyon’s know-how in penalties, click here). Did divine justice allow Janot to avert the penalty? No, Olympus are from Lyon and at 11 against 10, Juninho gives the victory to his team. At the 89and, just to make it funnier.

4 – ASSE 1 / OL 1 on January 27, 2008

This disappointment, we had experienced it from the stands of Geoffroy-Guichard.

It already smells scorched for Roussey before this 95and Derby. Yvan Hasek’s successor is dry in terms of results with 6 defeats in the last 10 games and 3 points ahead of the cart. And it is not the arrival of an OL leader whose shaky throne does not prevent him from continuing to scare that arouses the idea of ​​a recovery. Nor the explosion at the highest level of a certain Benzema. Only here: the attacker finds on his way the Greek poet Efstáthios Tavlarídis (manly but… manly, 13 yellows that season). In our memory, the central defender has his best game in green, muzzling – without even abusing him! – the young first.

The match is disputed and if Dernis gives us some chills, it is Gomis who takes advantage of a ball from Coupet to give the advantage to the Greens. The stoppages are there. And the Cauldron, ready to exult, had its first success since 1994. But there, wreckage: Varrault was smoked out by Benzema. Yet very far from concluding with the inevitable Efstáthios still on its way, the Lyon phenomenon is mowed down by the side in stride. Tavla politely yells his disappointment in the face of a sheepish Varrault. The free kick is very well placed and like all green people, he knows what is going to happen. And it happened…

3 – OL 4 / ASSE 0 on April 30, 2006

A springtime humiliation, again suffered from the Soggy Bottom pub in Saint-Etienne.

With Elie Baup, we’re not here to mess around. And this second season in L1 since the comeback orchestrated by Antonetti is sadly disappointing compared to the previous one. Admittedly, his start saw the Greens approach the top, but that of a classification that looked like a generalized soft belly. It will bend hard without breaking afterwards. As for the show, it’s more piquette football than champagne football. Quite the opposite of OL, at their peak, which has just won its 5and title a week earlier at the Park. Inevitably, in this context, receiving the Greens inspires them with monumental fear. To make her up while not giving a damn – a little – about us too, they enter the field with their faces and hair covered in blue, white, red paint.

Gomis almost washed away the affront at the start. But obviously, his recovery failed on the bar. Obviously… Behind, just as obvious, here is a Lyon goal against the course of the game (csc de Hellebuyck) celebrated with serpentine bombs. We would like to treat these clowns as clowns but the role is reserved for the Greens who take a 2and after a bar (obviously) of Sablé then a 3and (on penalty, stolen, of course) and finally a 4and (of cours). We hadn’t done worse since 1962. Even Pedretti is invited to this boom of 6and/5and in the heart of Gerland which for the occasion allows itself to make noise. Outraged by the fact that this lack of respect does not come from us, I boycott the end of the match with dignity.

2 – ASSE 0 / OL 5 on November 5, 2017

We are starting to age: also, this decline, we watched it from our sofa.

At the 84and, Fekir tries to exchange a jersey with ASSE supporters. It’s nice. But we are at the end of the match and the tunic is all sweaty. Nobody wants it: because ok, we’re not bourgeois in Sainté, but even for us, it’s still a little too dirty to put on. Feeling downright insulted in their self-esteem, the ultra greens invade the field… A theory certainly more credible than the one we have heard consisting in saying that Fekir would have offered a pretext to the Saint-Etienne supporters to put an end to the butchery…

Either way, the ongoing humiliation was turning into a baby-like fanny. It all started with a corner/injury, an unlikely innovation from Hamouma sending the ball back to midfield for a killer counter concluded by Depay. This, of course, just after being a Lopes close to opening the scoring. The rest, with a defense that wears its Lacroix and sees red, is the Lyonnais’ absolute record in the derby… This match will be a turning point for the Greens. Oscar Garcia, whose work does not deserve a César, will stop here to wonder what he is doing there. After ? A story of quickly grilled shortbread, Papa Gasset and roller coasters.

1 – ASSE 2 / OL 3 October 3, 2004

Our worst favorite memory, we cried in the Cauldron.

Ah, that inconsolable autumn Sunday! After three years of purgatory, the recruitment of the ascent is far from being dirty. This is the beginning of the Féfé, Zokora and Piquionne period, to name only newcomers. But the defeats and draws accumulate. So when King Lyon of the 2000s arrives with his gaggle of Coupet, Cris, Essien, Juninho and other Wiltords, we fear a rule of predation in front of the Canal cameras. The Brazilian leader with legendary dark circles seems to marry the principle by sending in the goal of Janot one of his famous free kicks / penalties.

But nay! The Greens react and dominate Gones surprised by the quality of Saint-Etienne (a classic when they open their eyes). Marin inherited Ilunga’s goal and then Feindouno added his header to the board. Fury in the Cauldron, in an unexpected trance until 87and when… the penalty obtained by Govou – well rather stolen, yes, perfectly, stolen sir and literally! – transformed in two stages (it’s more fun) by Juninho makes poto Janot cross the course of madness. And this frustrating cold shower became hailful when 5 minutes later Govou, again him, undertook to take us to the stage of depression. “It’s just football,” my future wife will tell me. Are you still going to cry, you redneck? »