AS Saint-Etienne : “Saint-Etienne cannot count on its two presidents” | ASSE News

Denis Balbir does not mince words with Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo, the owners of ASSE. He thinks that the Saint-Etienne club can no longer count on them.

Roland Romeyer, AS Saint-Etienne

On the site of Goal Football Club, the journalist gave his analysis of the situation of AS Saint-Etienne. He seems very worried about the rest: “In Saint-Etienne, it’s a disaster. A catastrophic year that started with the dismissal of Stéphane Ruffier – a page that was turning in Forez – and which ended with this relegation position mid-season with the change of coach “, he estimated.

“ASSE has a foot and a half in Ligue 2”

He also considers that it will be difficult to get the machine going again on the pitch: “Today the team is in disarray. If the spirit and the will to do well are there, the workforce is too tight. Pascal Dupraz is really facing a big job. A site in a particular context against the backdrop of a sale of the club which is slow to settle and which also affects the morale of the locker room and behind the scenes. In this period, we also realize that ASSE cannot really count on its two presidents. One has completely disappeared. We are really on the precipice. To recover and start 2022 on a good footing, Saint-Etienne needs a click. Right now, ASSE has a foot and a half in Ligue 2 “, he added.

ASSSE occupy the leading position in Ligue 1 so far, with 12 points in 19 games. The second to last has 16 points.