AS Saint-Etienne : Saint-Etienne: Romeyer elected president of the Coeur-Vert association on Monday? | ASSE News

Anxious to ward off any sale of AS Saint-Etienne which would no longer grant him any place of management within it, Roland Romeyer (76) decided to take the lead. Majority co-shareholder of ASSE with Bernard Caïazzo, chairman of the supervisory board, Romeyer, at the head of the management board, is expected to run for the presidency of Coeur-Vert, the club’s charitable association headed by Lionel Potillon. Despite his retirement in 2019, Dominique Rocheteau is still its president. Romeyer is expected to be inducted as his successor at the next board of directors. It is scheduled this Monday evening. Note that Romeyer is the only candidate declared for the post of president.