AS Saint-Etienne : He evokes a problem of generational transition among the Greens! | ASSE News

Before the match against Nîmes Olympique on Sunday at 5:05 p.m., journalist Benjamin from the Nîmes 11 site, was arrested on the ASSE season. In an interview with the site, he evokes a problem of transition between two generations.

“I haven’t watched Saint-Etienne a lot this season. I remember the very promising start to the season. From a distance, I have the feeling that this is a team that lost a lot of important elements in the last transfer window. summer and who had to bet on a lot of young people with Claude Puel. Does this Saint-Etienne team have the level? I think that there are quality players in this workforce, like Denis Bouanga, even if that not always been very rosy in Nîmes, we keep overall a fairly positive memory. There are other players, will that be enough, I don’t know. There is a goalkeeper who perhaps does not inspire not the confidence that a Stéphane Ruffier could bring. I do not have enough elements in my possession to say whether it will be enough or not for Saint-Etienne. Saint-Etienne is struggling to have consistency in its results this season. It is a season where ASSE must do a roundabout, to possibly set off on a new course next season. e. Unlike Strasbourg, I see the Greens fighting to the end to maintain themselves except in the event of success in Nîmes. There is certainly a problem of generational change this season, between the more experienced and the young, so there couldn’t have been too much stability. “