AS Saint-Etienne : ASSE: Caiazzo and Romeyer, these revelations turn into a scandal! | ASSE News

The financial situation of AS Saint-Etienne is very bad, and the two presidents of the Greens find themselves at the heart of a dirty controversy.

A week after a demonstration by supporters, who demanded the departure of Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo, it was obviously not the derby lost to Lyon that calmed the fans of AS Saint-Etienne. And this time the Twitter account @VertsEnColere climbed in the towers by attacking head-on the two presidents of ASSE suspected of ignoring the crisis experienced by the Saint-Etienne club when it comes to paying themselves dividends. Having obtained the detailed accounts of Saint-Etienne, these supporters, obviously specialists in accounting, went through the documents and revealed that on September 29, when the situation was already getting out of hand, the general assembly of ASSE Groupe decided to allocate 600,000 euros to the shareholders of the club, namely Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caiazzo. And since 2013, this figure would even be 4ME.

The press has often written that BC and RR “forgo” their dividends, the latter even declaring in 2015: “My dividends are when you win and I see people happy”. In reality, if the SASP no longer pays dividends, ASSE GROUPE has been paying them since 2013 (…) Since 2016, ASSE GROUPE has even paid more dividends (€ 3M) than it generates turnover (≈1.9M € ). Over the 2019 financial year, these dividends even rose to their highest threshold: € 1M (…) Note that once these funds have left ASSE GROUPE cannot be monitored, the VIRIDIS holding company has not published any public balance sheet since 2013. (which may be legal if a waiver request has been made) », Explains @ VertsEnColère. For the moment, on the side of AS Saint-Etienne, we have not responded to these messages, which however made the supporters of the Greens jump, more and more dismayed and up against Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo.