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Author of an XXL performance against Brest, the Nmois Birger Meling is the player of the day. His teammates Kvin Denkey and Romain Philippoteaux, then Niois Amine Gouiri in particular, also stood out and figure in the 1st edition of the final type team of Maxifoot.


Birger Meling was a great surprise.

As in previous seasons, after each championship day, Maxifoot makes up its typical team. The best “eleven” and seven replacements are chosen according to their performance. The incumbents collect three points, the substitutes receive one point.

Reminder of the results of this 1st day (from 08/21/2020 to 08/23/2020): Bordeaux 0-0 Nantes, Dijon 0-1 Angers, Lille 1-1 Rennes, Monaco 2-2 Reims, Lorient 3-1 Strasbourg, Nmes 4-0 Brest, Nice 2-1 Lens + late matches from 09/15/2020 to 09/17/2020: Montpellier 2-1 Lyon, Paris Saint-Germain 1-0 Metz, Olympique de Marseille 0-2 AS Saint-Etienne.

Compared to the typical team published on August 23, we note several changes: the Hraultais Tji Savanier and the Stphanois Yvann Maon then Wesley Fofana took the places in the eleven of the Nmois Lucas Deaux and the Mongasque Ruben Aguilar, who come out of the effective, but also of Angevin Ismal Traor, who integrates the replacements to the detriment of Lille Sven Botman. Montpellierers Jonas Omlin and Mihailo Ristic then Parisian Angel Di Maria respectively replace Bordeaux’s Benot Costil, Angevin Souleyman Doumbia and Lensois Gal Kakuta on the bench.


12. Jonas Omlin (Montpellier)
13. Ismal Traor (Angers)
14. Mihailo Ristic (Montpellier)
15. Angel Di Maria (Paris Saint-Germain)
16. Jonathan Bamba (Lille)
17. El Bilal Tour (Reims)
18. Adrian Grbic (Lorient)

In details:

Player of the day: Birger Meling (Nmes)

What a start for the left side of Nmes! Recruited from Rosenborg for this summer transfer window, the Norwegian was one of the great architects of his team’s success. A decisive passer on Denkey’s opener, he also scored with a powerful shot. Serious on the defensive level, he has really been screened in his climbs.

Walter Benitez (Nice)

Powerless on the penalty shot perfectly by Kakuta even if he started in the right direction, the Argentine goalkeeper then recalled how precious he is. Indeed, the doorman of the Gym was decisive with his decisive stop in front of Banza then his saving interventions when Lens pushed towards the end. Still solid.

Yvann Maon (AS Saint-Etienne)

An interesting activity in his hallway. Decisive passer for the opening of Hamouma’s score with a nice cross, the left side has generally well contained his opponents even if he was quickly warned. In the second half, he was particularly solid on Thauvin’s attempts against him.

Damien Da Silva (Rennes)

The Rennes captain was excellent on the entirety of this meeting. In the duels, the central defender was really domineering, regularly getting the better of David. Inspired in his interventions and clean in his revivals, the former Caennais was solid. In addition, he sublimated his copy with this goal of a furious tackle to equalize.

Wesley Fofana (AS Saint-Etienne)

The native of Marseilles has once again been present. Always well placed to repel the Phocens attackers, he still showed confidence in his raises and his management of space. It is thanks to his talent and his ability to cash without breaking that the Greens held to sting a second time at the best time. Impressive for his age …

Yoane Wissa (Lorient)

Real poison in his corridor, the winger was a constant danger for Strasbourg. Immediately inspired in his combinations with Grbic, he was rewarded for his efforts by reviving his team with a header. Even thereafter, the Hake made many shifts and was one of the great architects of the victory of his people.

Tji Savanier (Montpellier)

What a player! Brilliant in this role of playmaker against Nice (3-1), the Montpellier player was still up to this great match. Always at ease technically, he smoothed the game for his team and did not hesitate to throw himself forward. After securing a penalty for a charge from Dubois, the former Nmois transformed it himself with a panenka. In all the good moves, he even offered himself a double after the break with a nice enchantment following a cross from Ristic. Inspir.

Quentin Boisgard (Lorient)

Like Wissa, the Lorient midfielder played a big role in the success of his team. Omnipresent in the midfield, the former Toulouse player scratched many balloons and was especially inspired in his transmissions. From a nice cross, he sounded the rebellion of the Merlus with this decisive pass on Wissa’s goal.

Romain Philippoteaux (Nmes)

A nice copy for the Nmes midfielder. On his side, he posed big concerns in Brest and participated in the big domination of his team. A decisive passer after a small festival on Meling’s goal, he was also rewarded for his efforts with a goal in the second half following a good misalignment from Denkey.

Kvin Denkey (Nmes)

The Nmes striker enjoyed this Sunday against Brest! Author of the opening of the scoring with a beautiful powerful strike, he was also able to play fair, the image of his decisive pass for Philippoteaux. Involved in all good moves, he represented a constant danger for the opposing team.

Amine Gouiri (Nice)

By recruiting him for 7 million euros Lyon, Nice undoubtedly had a lot of nose! While his team did not show much tonight, the striker offers the 3 points to the Gym on two superb strikes. Logical since the danger almost always came from him, who dropped out a lot to propose solutions and obtained several faults. And to think that he had never scored in Ligue 1 before… A first of the most promising.

Ranking: Savanier joins Thauvin!

1. Thauvin (Marseille) – Savanier (Montpellier): 6 points
3. Bobichon (Angers) – Koscielny (Bordeaux) – Perraud (Brest) – Sotoca (Lens) – Boisgard, Wissa (Lorient) – Depay, Caqueret (Lyon) – Caleta-Car, Mandanda, Gonzlez (Marseille) – Lecomte (Monaco ) – Souquet, Congr (Montpellier) – Dolberg, Bentez, Kamara, Gouiri (Nice) – Philippoteaux, Meling, Denkey (Nimes) – Guirassy, ​​Camavinga, Da Silva (Rennes) – Hamouma, Bouanga, Maon, Fofana, Debuchy (St -Etienne): 3 points
32. Costil (Bordeaux) – Bamba (Lille): 2 points
34. Traor (Angers) – Basic (Bordeaux) – Larsonneur (Brest) – Kakuta (Lens) – Botman (Lille) – Grbic (Lorient) – Payet (Marseille) – Fbregas, B. Badiashile (Monaco) – Laborde, Ristic ( Montpellier) – Thuram-Ulien (Nice) – Di Mara (Paris-SG) – Toure (Reims) – Aguerd (Rennes) – Kolodziejczak, Nordin (St-Etienne): 1 point

Ranking by club: ASSE in the lead

1. St-Etienne – 17 points
2. Marseille – 16 points
3. Montpellier – 14 points
4. Nice – 13 points
5. Rennes – 10 points
6. Nimes – 9 points
7. Lorient – 7 points
8. Lyon, Bordeaux – 6 points
10. Monaco – 5 points
11. Lens, Brest, Angers – 4 points
14. Lille – 3 points
15. Paris-SG, Reims – 1 point

It was the final typical team for the 1st day of Ligue 1. See you on Sunday to discover the typical team for the 4th day!