AS Saint-Etienne : In the News: A new “Tuesday of anger” in the Loire / Math and French during the holidays / Has the Grand-Pont district changed the situation in Rive-de-Gier / Ready for the great bath ? All swimming pools have reopened / Pontes du karate d – Le JT | ASSE News

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– A new Tuesday of anger in the Loire. Nursing staff continue to put pressure 3 days before the end of the Segur de la santé

– A call for witnesses launched after a disturbing disappearance at the Grangent dam in the commune of Chamble.

– Wave of resignation on the board of directors of Jean-Monnet University. 8 vice-presidents threw in the towel because they do not agree with the plan to merge the universities

– The department is putting 15 million euros on the table for communities.

– The STAS learning bus has started its tour of the Saint-Etienne conurbation. Objective: to present 21-29 year-olds with training in the driving trades and the prospects for hiring as drivers.


– Math and French lessons in colos to avoid dropping out of school.

– That’s it you can go swimming in all the pools of the Loire. The last basins, notably on Loire Forez, have reopened

– William Salibat will be able to play the Coupe de France against Paris on July 24. Arsenal coach agrees to ASSE


“Saint-Etienne must prepare to welcome the Lyonnais who could soon flee the city swept away by environmentalists on Sunday” Jean-Louis Gagnaire, LREM referent in the Loire


– The story of a district that brought down the Gier crocodile. We will see why the habitats of the Grand-Pont in Rive-de-Gier wanted to end the Charvin years, beaten Sunday evening by the communist candidate Vincent Bony.

– The future of karate debated in the department. The highest ranking officers in the region, gathered this weekend for the 1st time in the Loire, wonder about the interest of young people for this discipline

– The big picnic for singles in Villars, between love and friendship

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