AS Saint-Etienne : What is the fortune of the owners of the Greens? | ASSE News

March 31, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. by Thomas

ASSE Caiazzo Romeyer

Bernard Caïazzo and Roland Romeyer have been managing ASSE together for more than fifteen years.

Two-headed governance is not the most common thing in football. At AS Saint-Etienne however, the method has worked for more than fifteen years, sometimes with ups and downs between Bernard Caïazzo (the chairman of the supervisory board), on the one hand and Roland Romeyer (chairman of the executive board), on the other.

Two-headed governance at ASSE

Bernard Caïazzo is an entrepreneur. He created and then sold after having valued it, the company Phone Marketing. He was one of the pioneers in the call center sector, contributing to the growth and then the sale of the Call Center Alliance group. Passed by ESSEC for his studies, the 66-year-old businessman has a long nose in football and the love of the Greens pegged to the body. However less than his alter-ego Roland Romeyer, who wears ASSE logo tattooed on his left bicep.

Caïazzo supposedly wealthier than Romeyer

He is eight years older and assumed to be less wealthy, according to estimates by L’Equipe. The sports daily says that he has managed fifteen SMEs in the Saint-Etienne region. Among them is Sacma, a company specializing in shop fitting, which was for many years a sponsor of the Forézien club. The exactitude of the fortune of the two strong men of AS Saint-Etienne is not known, but according to L’Equipe, that of Bernard Caïazzo is in the tens of millions of euros. And less for Roland Romeyer.