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What didn’t work: “The ASSE boat sank”

The Greens took on water from all sides for the first 45 minutes. A halftime at this level … it was a storm. It was a disaster. The boat sank. The 4-3-3 system did not work at all.

ASSE lacked aggressiveness and rigor. In the middle, they couldn’t keep the ball. Offensively there was not much and behind it was taking the water. At halftime they are 0-3 and it could have been worse.

Saint-Etienne has a ghost team. We see individualities but we talk about collective sport. This is the group that will get out. Because with this result, the bottom of the ranking will wait for the Greens.

We see individualities but we talk about collective sport

Photo Progrès / Rémy PERRIN

What worked: “The Greens have made some adjustments”

We try to be objective but there is not much positive. They made some adjustments in the second period. They went to five behind and it was a little better.

But you don’t feel like a rebellious team to go after things. Collectively it is very complicated. It’s sad. It would take more bite and be more inspired offensively.

Yohan Cabaye. Photo Progrès / Rémy PERRIN

The key player: “Fortunately, ASSE has Bouanga”

Offensively, there is not much. Fortunately, ASSE has Bouanga. He tries things and shows envy. He collides and goes quickly.

Otherwise, the executives do not have the level. Boudebouz did not bring much. M’Vila has his pace of senator and Cabaye is not at his level. Whereas with his maturity, he should guide everyone.

At 3-2, we should have seen a team that drops everything

Denis Bouanga. Photo Progrès / Rémy PERRIN

The fact of the match: “At 3-2 it lacked madness”

The second goal (Diony, 69th) kept the uncertainty until the end of the match. But it was too complicated despite that. I also think that it is especially Brest who dropped in pace in the second period.

At 3-2, we should have seen a team that drops everything. We should have seen a collective with the desire to move forward. But it lacked madness.

We don’t feel a team that wants to play together. Sometimes you have to get out of your senator pace. Or they simply do not have the level …

Lois Diony. Photo Progrès / Rémy PERRIN

The opponent: “Brest, a team that wants to get out of it”

Brest had a very good first half. They put rhythm, commitment and were very good in the transitions. We saw a team that just wanted to get out of it. After, at 3 to 0 they have a hard time managing but their victory is deserved.

I think Puel will get there

Claude Puel. Photo Progrès / Rémy PERRIN

The plus: “A warrior spirit to maintain”

We do not see a continuity and an identity of play. In any case, they will have to move. I will not question the qualities of the coach. Puel is a good trainer. He sweats the win.

I think he will get there. But we will have to go get the points. And it will take a warrior mindset to maintain. The slightest point will count at the end of the season.