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This is the end of this meeting!

Saint-Etienne won against Montpellier (3-1), thanks to goals from French striker Romain Hamouma (82nd), French midfielder Arnaud Nordin (90th) and Tunisian striker Wahbi Khazri (90th + 2). The Montpellier residents remain sixth, while the Stéphanois are 19th and leave their place of red lantern to Lorient.

Saint-Etienne worsens the brand!!

First a scorer, Arnaud Nordin then turns into a decisive passer. He serves Wahbi Khazri perfectly who, up close, scores in turn with his right foot!

Saint-Etienne reverses the situation!!!

Perfectly served by Adil Aouchiche, Arnaud Nordin infiltrates the penalty area and finds the fault, with a strike with the right foot!!

Big atmosphere in Saint-Etienne

The Saint-Etienne supporters push their players in the last minutes of play.

Last change in Montpellier

Florent Mollet is replaced by Leo Leroy.

Equalization of Saint-Etienne!!!!

From a distance, Romain Hamouma, served by Adil Aouchiche, takes his chance with his right foot and lodges his ball in the skylight! Dimitry Bertaud remains unresponsive!

More changes

For Montpellier, Elye Wahi is replaced by Beni Makouana. In Saint-Etienne, Eliaquim Mangala gives way to Adil Aouchiche.

Tenth corner for Saint-Etienne!

Arnaud Nordin, in the penalty area, places his head, but he is countered by Mihailo Ristic, who concedes a new corner.

Hamouma is already showing up

From a distance, Romain Hamouma strikes with his left foot, but his shot is too high.

Double change in Saint-Etienne

Aimen Moueffek and Romain Hamouma replace Zaydou Youssouf and Ryad Boudebouz.

Omlin must come out!

For Montpellier, it is Dimitry Bertaud who replaces him.

Big blow for Montpellier!

Just before this change, Jonas Omlin injured his left shoulder. We demand change!

Change in Montpellier

Sacha Delaye replaces Nicholas Gioacchini.

Omlin is impassable!

From a distance, Arnaud Nordin strikes with his right foot, but Jonas Omlin, despite the rebound just in front of him, is not surprised and concedes another corner. ASSE gets another in stride.

Tempers are rising!

Lucas Gourna and Elye Wahi warm up, but they are quickly separated.

Saint-Etienne spins the ball

The Stéphanois lay siege to the opposing goal, but still have not managed to take an excellent Jonas Omlin. ASSE even gets a new corner, thanks to Timothée Kolodziejczak.

Double change in Saint-Etienne

Denis Bouanga and Yvann Maçon are replaced by Arnaud Nordin and Sada Thioub.

Montpellier holds

In the penalty area, Wahbi Khazri strikes with the right foot, but Nicolas Cozza blocks it.

Changes to come in Saint-Etienne?

Several players have already left for the warm-up.

Montpellier is taken by the throat!

At the start of the second period, Saint-Etienne, already convincing at the end of the first period, is even more dangerous!

Khazri frames again!

At the entrance to the penalty area, Wahbi Khazri takes his chance with his left foot, but Jonas Omlin is still there!

We leave with the same

No changes to report, at the break, on either side.

It’s time for the second period!

The kick-off was given and Montpellier engaged.

Referees are absent…

Both teams are back, but the referees and the ball are missing.

It’s halftime!

After the first 45 minutes of play and a final corner obtained by Falaye Sacko for Saint-Etienne, Montpellier leads on the lawn of Saint-Etienne, thanks to a goal from the French striker Elye Wahi (11th).

The smoke bombs are out

Behind Jonas Omlin’s goal, the local supporters released the smoke…

This end of the first period is Etienne

Saint-Etienne gets a new corner, just before the break, thanks to Yvann Maçon.

What a stop again from Omlin!

In the penalty area, Wahbi Khazri takes his chance with his left foot, but Jonas Omlin, taken on the wrong foot, comes out with a firm hand!

Mangala, the expulsion was not far away!

Montpellier goes against in stride. Elye Wahi then collapses, in contact with Eliaquim Mangala. Already warned, the Saint-Etienne defender is doing well!

Bouanga’s big opportunity!

Twice, Denis Bouanga, up close, collides with Jonas Omlin, with his right foot!

Another corner for Saint-Etienne

This time, Ryad Boudebouz gets it. Behind, Wahbi Khazri, from a distance, strikes with the right foot, but his ball flies above.

Nadé does not let Wahi pass

After a free kick badly negotiated by Saint-Etienne, Montpellier goes against. Elye Wahi tries the hook on Mickael Nadé, who wins his duel despite everything.

Saint-Etienne insists

From afar, Lucas Gourna-Douath took his chance with his right foot, but Nicolas Cozza countered him and conceded another corner.

Mason takes responsibility

Behind, on the corner, Yvann Maçon, from afar, takes his chance with the right foot, but it slips by.

A first corner for Saint-Etienne

Saint-Etienne will try to be dangerous, with this first corner conceded by Arnaud Souquet and obtained by Yvann Maçon.

Calf, him again

From afar, Florent Mollet takes his chance with his right foot, but Paul Bernardoni calmly grabs the ball.

More fear than harm for Boudebouz!

The game can resume, with the same 22 players.

Boudebouz KO!

Florent Mollet then takes charge of the free kick that follows, slightly off-center on the left side of the penalty area, but his right-footed strike puts Ryad Boudebouz, present in the wall, completely knocked out!

Mangala, 16 minutes of play in its new colors

And already a first yellow card, after a big foul on Florent Mollet!

Saint-Etienne still punished…

For the 18th time of the season, Saint-Etienne conceded the first goal! Elye Wahi scores his sixth goal of the season.

Opening of the score for Montpellier!!!!!

From his right side, Arnaud Souquet raises his head, in the penalty area, and sends a cross in front of goal. Elye Wahi assures and opens the score, with the right foot!!

Saint-Etienne shows up

After a ball recovered high, Denis Bouanga, in the penalty area, strikes with the right foot, but he is countered by Mamadou Sakho. Behind, Wahbi Khazri insists, from afar, but it flies above.

Geoffroy-Guichard did not fill up

Despite the end of the gauges, the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium was not full, for this important meeting for the maintenance.

Let’s go for the first period!

The kick-off was given and Saint-Etienne engaged.

Montpellier must rediscover the taste for traveling

Outside, Montpellier’s last victory in Ligue 1 dates back to December 11th. It was then on the lawn of Brest (0-4). Since then, in the championship and away, the club lost in Strasbourg (3-1), on January 16th.

Montpellier, to continue

In Ligue 1, after two defeats in a row, Montpellier returned to victory on January 23 against Monaco (3-2).

Saint-Etienne, in difficulty at home

This season, at home, Saint-Etienne has won only once, in Ligue 1, against Clermont (3-2), on November 7th. Since that date, in his lair, the club remains on four defeats in a row.

The pass of two for Saint-Etienne?

In Ligue 1, Saint-Etienne remains on a victory on the lawn of Angers (0-1), on January 26th. A success that followed seven consecutive defeats in the elite.

Bis repetita for Montpellier?

The last confrontation between the two teams dates back to September 12. On the occasion of the 5th day of Ligue 1, Montpellier then beat Saint-Etienne (2-0), thanks to goals from English striker Stephy Mavididi (32nd) and French striker Valère Germain (62nd) .

… and on that of Montpellier

Compared to the last outing and elimination in the round of 16 of the Coupe de France by Marseille (1-1, 5 tab 4), last Saturday, Olivier Dall’Oglio also made three changes in his starting lineup. Dimitry Bertaud, Junior Sambia and Leo Leroy are replaced by Jonas Omlin, Jordan Ferri and Valere Germain.

A 4-4-2 system: Omlin – Souquet, Cozza, Sakho, Ristic – Mollet, Ferri (c), Chotard, Gioacchini – Germain, Wahi.

Replacements: Bertaud (g), Bares, Delaye, Guermouche, Leroy, Makouana, Tchato, Thuler.

Absent: Esteve, Mavididi, Oyongo, Sambia, Savanier and Tamas.

Zoom on the starting line-up of Saint-Etienne…

Compared to the last match and the elimination, in the round of 16 of the Coupe de France in Bergerac (1-0) last Sunday, Pascal Dupraz (Saint-Etienne) made three changes in his starting lineup. Mahdi Camara, Assane Diousse and Adil Aouchiche are replaced by Eliaquim Mangala, which is making its debut, Falaye Sacko, which also debuts in its new colors, and Wahbi Khazri, back from CAN.

A 5-4-1 system: Bernardoni – Mason, Mangala, Kolodziejczak, Nadé, Sacko – Youssouf, Boudebouz, Douath, Bouanga – Khazri (c).

Replacements: Green (g), Aouchiche, Bakayoko, Diousse, Hamouma, Moueffek, Nordin, Sow, Thioub.

Absent: Camara, Crivelli, Gabriel, Gnagnon, Moukoudi, Neyou, Sako and Trauco.

Thomas Leonard at the whistle

At the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium in Saint-Etienne, the referee of the match will be Thomas Léonard.

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