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Dupraz’s rant about added time

For his part, Pascal Dupraz wanted to send a message to the boss of French arbitration, while Mr. Gautier only granted two minutes of additional time in the second half.

“I am speaking to Mr. Garibian (French refereeing boss). For my curiosity and to understand, I would like to ask this question: how can we give six minutes of added time against Lens, with incidents that force the healers to enter the field, and take only two minutes of stoppage time tonight? I am sure that Mr. Garibian will write to me, for my understanding. There have been nine substitutions, logically it must be more than two minutes , although it certainly wouldn’t have changed the end result and I don’t want to hide behind it.”

Bosz admits ‘minimalist victory’

Peter Bosz did not really brag after Lyon’s victory on Friday evening. “Minimalist victory? Yes, absolutely but important and deserved, he let go. I think we started the first half well. Immediately we pressed very high, we scored a goal from the penalty spot.”

“Until the end it was difficult. But it’s also good, because for the second time in a row we didn’t concede. Once again, the three points were the most important thing today today.”

It’s over ! OL won 1-0 in the derby against ASSE!

Dembélé scored the game’s only goal from the penalty spot in the first half, in a derby that will go down in history.

OL have a second win in a row, ASSE have lost 7 in a row in Ligue 1…

2 minutes of added time

We start them with a card for Thioub. It was clearly not the derby of the century in the game.

We always feel the tension

No one really manages to let go completely at the end of the match. However, there is not much time left.

It’s OL who are gritting their teeth a bit at the moment

We almost wrote another part of the body, even if Sainté has trouble being very dangerous. But it only takes once.

The supporters-singers were heard

Cherki enters, as does Shaqiri. They replace Aouar and Paqueta.

Lopes is the fourth Lyon captain of the evening.


Big comeback from Thioub and the Saint-Etienne defense. Paqueta finally receives the ball in the area, but is stopped and fails to frame.

New Stephanois changes

Moueffek and Dieye replace Youssouf and Nordin.


It was not the most difficult: Kadewere had the Aouar option on the opposite, but hits too crushed on the goalkeeper. The Zimbabwe international seemed out of the game anyway.

“We want Cherki! We want Cherki!”

The guys in the stands try something to see the show.

“We’re pissed off! We’re pissed off!”

The words are from one of the three supporter-singers we hear on TV, but we tend to agree.

Kadewere was offside

The Zimbabwean, launched in depth, had again stumbled on Bernardoni, author of an exit at Lopes in his tracks.

Thoub and Krasso make their entrance

They will try to make the difference instead of Maçon and Gourna.

The Lyon armband changes ownership again

Dubois had left it to Dembélé, who left it to Aouar. The attacker is replaced by Kadewere.

Da Silva is the first informed Lyonnais

Nadé projects forward and is hooked by the central of OL. ASSE pushes more.


The number 8 of OL is launched well in depth by a long ball from Paqueta. In the fight with a defender, he strikes with his left foot from a tight angle but the ASSE goalkeeper pushes back.

Sainté has a little more offensive ambitions

Some will say that it was difficult to do less, and that it is 1-0.

Third informed Stéphanois

It’s Maçon’s turn, after pushing Henrique who has dropped.

It’s the recovery!

A change at the break: Bakary Sako replaces Aouchiche.

OL lead 1-0 at the break in the derby!

A penalty from Dembélé gives the Lyonnais the advantage for the moment. OL dominated territorially, even if they only had one other chance with a strike from Aouar released by Bernardoni.

On the other side of the field, Lopes shone seconds later with a free-kick header from Camara.

Dubois is replaced by Gusto before the break

A change that will not count in the 3 ranges of authorized changes, because made after concussion protocol.

Dubois is still on the ground

After a head-to-head clash with Da Silva, the Lyon captain takes the buttocks of … Dembélé in the face from a defensive corner. This time, he doesn’t seem able to resume.


Camara is alone on a free kick and places a header that is not easy to push back with the rebound. The number 8 from Saint-Etienne is close to recovering the ball, but is taken over by a virile but correct tackle from Da Silva. After protest, Camara is warned.


Nice inspiration from Dembélé who leaves the ball to Aouar. The Lyon midfielder tries to roll up, but Bernardoni goes quickly to the ground. In the aftermath, Aouar crosses but a defender pushes back.

Timid attacking streak from Saint-Etienne

It is reported because they are rare. This ended prematurely after a return to the boss of Guimaraes in his area.

“Ahou” to a dozen people

It’s less impressive than 60,000, even if the gauge allows for a little show. On the pitch, it’s less easy between an OL which dominates sterilely and an ASSE well in place but nothing more.

Dubois resumes after concussion protocol

We will still follow the Lyon captain.

Dubois remains on the ground

Big head-to-head clash with … Damien Da Silva. The Lyon captain is still conscious and has his eyes open.

funny atmosphere

Between the level of Sainté for the moment and the 4 gonzes that we hear singing, there is a real amateur football vibe.

Gourna is the first notified player

He hangs Guimaraes, left on an offensive transition.

Strike from the left of Dubois which grazes the frame!

The Lyon right side transplanted well and tried his luck on the wrong foot. It does not pass far, even if Bernardoni seemed sure of his shot.


Like last week in Troyes: a big step to stop his race, then a nice counterpoint! 1-0 for OL!


Dembélé is launched at the corner of the surface and feels Kolodziejczak behind his back, who arrives late and grabs him.

Package on the ground

Big contact with a Stéphanois. But it is rather Aouar who worries OL, since he is holding his left thigh. To be continued.

It’s already rough

Sainté couldn’t get out and OL camped in the opposing camp, without managing to move the block. The contacts are sometimes limited, but the referee lets play a lot. “Derby” is an English word, after all.

A record for Bernardoni!

He becomes the player to have worn the most jerseys at Groupama Stadium! (well ok, it’s not the most prestigious record in world football and Ben Arfa should join it soon)

The ASSE is very compact

Two nice lines so far. It was the expected physiognomy.

Whistles from the outset for ASSE

The Greens made the commitment (and very quickly lost the ball).

Let’s go !

Kick off of this derby under high tension!

The players enter the pitch

We had the classic “Pour les Canuts” before that, but without a LED show…

Stephanois 11, with Nordin and Aouchiche

The composition of Saint-Etienne

Bernardoni – Mason, Bakayoko, Kolodziejczak, Nadé, Silva – Gourna-Douath, Camara, Youssouf, Aouchiche – Nordin.

The replacements

Green, Dieye, Diousse, Sako, Krasso, Llort, Moueffek, Mouton, Thioub.

Absentees on both sides

On the Lyon side, Peter Bosz faces a headache in defense, while Boateng is suspended and Denayer and Diomandé are still injured. The Lyonnais coach is still without Toko Ekambi and Slimani (CAN), Emerson (Covid) and Reine-Adelaïde, in the recovery phase.

In Saint-Etienne, Pascal Dupraz cannot count on Bouanga, Khazri, Moukoudi, Neyou, Sow (CAN), Boudebouz, Trauco (Covid), Gnagnon, Hamouma (recovery) and Mangala, who is not qualified.

The reunion between Bosz and Dupraz

Former teammates in Toulon during the 1988-1989 season, the two coaches face each other as rivals on the benches of Les Gones and Les Verts for the 124th derby. They appreciate each other and have kept in touch after their common adventure in the Var. And who better than Roland Courbis to share anecdotes.

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Hello everyone

The 124th derby between OL (11th) and Saint-Etienne (20th), counting for the 22nd day of Ligue 1, is being played under tension this Friday at Groupama Stadium. Defeat is forbidden for both teams, under penalty of seeing the crisis settle permanently. Kick off will be at 9 p.m.