AS Saint-Etienne : [ASSE-MHSC] Dall’Oglio: “Recruitment means that there are a few unknowns in Saint-Étienne” | ASSE News

In the pre-match press conference, the Pailladin coach spoke of the good done of the last two meetings for his young players but mainly switched to the meeting of the day:

“The Monaco and Marseille matches, for our young players, in terms of experience, it will allow them to grow a little more. When you rub shoulders with these teams, opposite, there are a few customers. Facing Saint-Étienne, it will be another step to take with a stadium that will be noisier but it will be a pleasure to go there. […] Their recruitment means that there is a bit of an unknown on this team but even for them, there are a lot of changes, some boys seem ready, others are not. They had to take stock of all these points to make choices. When it happens this way, on our side, we will mainly focus on our game even if we tried to analyze their previous matches. We are really going to focus on our defensive and offensive animation.”