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While his file for the buyout of the ASSE was pushed back, Norodom Ravichak, through the voice of his lawyer, announces that he will return to the charge.

ASSE: Norodom Ravichak ready to return to the charge

Rejected by the KPMG cabinet in charge of the process of the sale of ASSE, Norodom Ravichak has not yet said his last word. According to his lawyer, Maître Carlos Bejarano, he did not give up his desire to buy AS Saint-Étienne from the hands of the two owners: Bernard Caiazzo and Roland romeyer.

In words given to Goal Football Club exclusively, the representative of the Cambodian prince ensures that his client will go on the offensive after the rejection of his case the first time. “When the prince says it’s a mess, I agree with him. But that’s not the end yet. It will bounce back ”, he said, while indicating that the Asian businessman was “really touched” when he was accused of “forgery and attempted fraud”.

According to Master Carlos Bejarano, Norodom Ravichak is very serious and he has no worries about the financial guarantee, because his Chinese and Asian partners believe in the project. “I know the money, the power of the partners is there, that the prince would have made a great president, charismatic, sincere. If there was enthusiasm for his project, it was because people felt sincerity “, he stressed.

AS Saint-Étienne turned to new projects

ASSE is still on sale after KPMG’s findings on legal and financial guarantees for early applicants deemed insufficient. The Loire club has even announced new candidates with files that meet the criteria requested by the cabinet, and whose “Financial capacity is indisputable with a desire to conclude as soon as possible”. The candidacy of a billionaire and the file of a former candidate (in 2018), the American fund Terrapin Partners, would be in the running in the second wave of the buyout proposals of ASSE.