AS Saint-Etienne : Football / Ligue 1. [Direct] Racing leads against Saint-Étienne (2-1, half-time) | ASSE News

Racing is returning to the thread of its season, after the international parenthesis, by welcoming a team from Saint-Etienne who are in bad shape, this Sunday at La Meinau. Most often cornered in their half of the field during the first 25 minutes, it was however the Strasbourg people who opened the scoring thanks to a superb header from Le Marchand (26th), upon receiving a corner hit by Guilbert. Julien Stéphan’s men, clinically realistic, take the break as the break approaches, thanks to a goal against his camp from Stéphanois midfielder Youssouf. The meeting even turned into a nightmare for ASSE, who lost in quick succession his goalkeeper Green to injury and the unfortunate Youssouf, expelled. The visitors reduced the mark just before joining the locker room, Khazri transforming the penalty logically obtained by Nordin after a foul by Le Marchand.

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