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    Roland romeyer

    Saint-Etienne could receive around 8 million euros in the coming months

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    Roland romeyer

    In the event that Wesley Fofana arrives at Newcastle, Leicester City will transfer 20% of the capital gain on resale to Forez club

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    Bernard Caiazzo

    In great difficulty in sporting terms, the Greens want to recruit a minimum in January. This unexpected check could finance the next expenses

AS Saint-Etienne leaders could pocket 8 million euros if Wesley Fofana is signed from Newcastle.

In addition to the catastrophic sporting results of the start of the season, the Forez club is going through very difficult times from an economic point of view. Having been unable to recruit during the last transfer market due to lack of liquidity, the Greens are unable to get their heads out of the water in League 1.

In order not to be forced to sell the club for crumbs over the next few months, if the team continues to be threatened with relegation, Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo, the two bosses of Saint Etienne intend to invest a small envelope in January. And they might not have to take a dime out of their pockets.

The Saint-Etienne group could receive 8 million euros in the event of a transfer of Wesley fofana in Newcastle for 80 million euros. When the young tricolor nugget was sold to Leicester City, the Greens slipped in a clause allowing them to pocket 20% of the capital gain on resale.