AS Saint-Etienne : The valuation of Etienne Green explodes on the transfer window | ASSE News

August 28, 2021 at 8:20 PM by Thomas

Etienne Green transfer ASSE
Etienne Green, a beautiful story that continues to be told.

The proof is there, it materializes as well, on the transfer market. This confirms recent studies, on the quality of French training, and ASSE is awarded among the most effective. At the moment, in the Stéphanois collective, two players are bursting the screen, because they explode on the green rectangle. And therefore, indirectly, on the transfer window.

Etienne Green on an upward trajectory

We were interested in the first, Saïdou Sow, here is the profile of the second, than that of the goalkeeper, Etienne Green. Unknown to all, a few months ago, he took advantage of his club’s divorce from Stéphane Ruffier and gained the upper hand over his successor, Jessy Moulin, who has since left for ESTAC Troyes. Since this match won in Nîmes (0-2), last April, his very first among the pros, Etienne Green is progressing. At this point even getting two extensions of his contract, in the space of a big year, between May 2020 and this month of August 2021.

Two successive extensions with ASSE

Now linked to Saint-Etienne, until 2025, Etienne Green will naturally see his market curve explode. Last spring, without any professional reference, it was still worth nothing on the market. Sixteen months later, approximately, he is the player who values ​​himself the most in Ligue 1, in 2021, according to the estimates of the specialized platform, Transfermarkt. Which now estimates its market value and even more, for theFootball observatory, in a range of 5 to 10 million euros.

Future English international rather than with the Blues

Etienne Green is 21 years old, his history with the Greens is as beautiful and unique as his debut in the deep end of the pros. This week, he formalized his desire to play for England rather than France. It’s because the young man has both countries in his skin, his British father and his mother, a French teacher, in England, before the family decides to come and settle in France. Near Saint-Etienne, several years ago.