AS Saint-Etienne : This billionaire can afford to lose money in Sainté! | ASSE News

Luc Dayan, the former club president, raised the possibility of Alexandre Bompard taking over ASSE in the coming months in a statement to Poteaux Carrés.

“I don’t think he puts a dime into football but I lost touch with him a long time ago. He loves Saint-Etienne like his father but Alexandre has analyzed the current football model well and he said to himself that as long as we have not blocked salaries and transfers, it is a risky ecosystem. He can think about it, he made a fortune today. He may also want to have fun a bit like Pinault in Rennes. If he loses money, he doesn’t care because he’s a billionaire, he tries to be efficient, to limit the damage. Alexandre has earned a lot of money for several years, so maybe he can take the risk of getting Saint-Etienne back. You should ask him the question. “.

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