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Beaten by Strasbourg (2-3) at home last Sunday, the Girondins de Bordeaux move this weekend to their friends from Saint-Etienne. For a meeting that could plunge them a little more into the depths of the standings. On RMC, Daniel Riolo shot on sight the leaders of the two clubs, responsible according to him for the sporting slump in which the two institutions are located.


“In Bordeaux there is a kind of darkness”

“The Bordelais can be worried and worried about a club that is adrift, where it does anything, where it hurts, where if I was Bordeaux … This is where you see that to support, it’s really hard in this kind of season, a bit like Saint-Etienne. But they are saved and they don’t risk anything Bordeaux and Saint-Etienne. It’s more the next season, with whom, how? Once again , Bordeaux messed up its offseason, believed in Gasset, believed in Ben Arfa, believed in multiple nonsense. They went to put themselves in the wall of a rotten season with an incompetent president. It is a club which borders the catastrophe.”

“I don’t even know what they can believe in. In these two clubs that are Bordeaux and Saint-Etienne, the management is really terrible. The supporters who are loyal and who have been behind the club for a long time are in panic and say to themselves” What are we going to do in the offseason, who are we leaving with, are we going back with the same coach, with the same players? “I am in Bordeaux or Saint-Etienne today, I have almost want a club like Brest which offers more pleasure to its supporters. And I am not even talking about Lens or Metz which are really above in terms of kiffe than Bordeaux and Saint-Etienne. In Bordeaux, there is a kind of obscurity first of all because the supporters hate their president and the shareholder, they don’t know him. But almost knowing that Gasset is going to quit, afterwards I don’t know how they are going to renew the workforce but change d coach, that would almost give hope. In any case, there is no worry for these two clubs, they will make it out. There’s nothing to be scared of.”