AS Saint-Etienne : a hell of a deficit for the club, which calls for the solidarity of the players | ASSE News

Thursday 04 March 2021 21:26 – Article written by La Rdaction – Comment this article

AS Saint-Etienne is in financial trouble. As revealed by our colleagues from But Football Club, the Forez club is indeed experiencing a deficit of 35 million euros, which prompted it to call for the solidarity of the players and the staff because the situation would be very alarming.

Saint in trouble

The club therefore appealed to the players as well as to the staff by requesting a substantial reduction in their salary over the last three months. For the moment, there has been no information concerning agreements or not from players or members of the staff, everyone is also free to choose as they see fit. This 2020-2021 season is therefore as difficult on the pitch as it is behind the scenes for ASSE

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