AS Saint-Etienne : ASSE: Puel in danger, he begs Romeyer to keep him | ASSE News

After the departure of Xavier Thuilot, AS Saint-Etienne coach Claude Puel, close to the former general manager, could be threatened. A prospect that worries Denis Balbir.

The situation is tense at AS Saint-Etienne. Victim of Roland Romeyer’s discontent, Xavier Thuilot had to empty his office. Without doubt a blow to coach Claude Puel who arrived with the former general manager in his suitcases. And which thus loses an important ally within the direction. It remains to be seen who will be the shareholder’s next target. Worried, Denis Balbir fears seeing the manager’s project interrupted.

The weekend was marked by the departure of Xavier Thuilot, the general manager of the club. My opinion on this departure is above all that no leader seems to hold out against Roland Romeyer, noted the columnist of But. I really like Roland Romeyer, I know how much he loves his club. But sometimes, to love too much, we love badly. The chairman of the board is putting too much strain on the people he hires. I hope that the departure of Xavier Thuilot will not lead to that of Claude Puel. It would be damaging for the club’s project.

Puel, always the man for the job

With Puel, ASSE implemented a new policy, based on youth. We knew: Year 1 of this project was going to be difficult. He is. But this policy must bear fruit over time, no doubt from next season., predicted the reporter. I remain convinced that Claude Puel is on the verge of doing good things. It would be a shame to break a whole job now. A dispute between two men shouldn’t hurt the club. The institution must be above everything. “In the meantime, the Greens only occupy 16th place in Ligue 1 at mid-season.