AS Saint-Etienne : ASSE: Puel fears a violent attack for Bouanga | ASSE News

AS Saint-Etienne coach is counting on Denis Bouanga this season, but Claude Puel knows that his leaders should receive an offer that can change everything.

Within the Saint-Etienne squad, there is one player who is arousing enormous enthusiasm, and of course it is Denis Bouanga. At 25, the Gabonese international is a safe bet for the Greens, and with a contract until 2023 signed in 2019, Claude Puel is counting on him. But, Mohamed Toubache-Ter, generally well informed about AS Saint-Etienne, says several clubs, and not the least, should quickly position themselves on Denis Bouanga. Even if nothing is done, Puel’s side is expected that Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo will be contacted … and tempted to quickly sell their player.

Internally, Claude Puel accuses the blow on the Bouanga file. Clubs are in the process of making offers from next week including a large French club (approached the concerned). Aware of the difficulty of keeping him, Claude Puel prays to see the club resist. The clubs will attack Saint-Étienne and depending on the offer, it will be difficult for the Saint-Etienne board to refuse despite its primary desire to remain inflexible!, warns the insider, who says, however, that Denis Bouanga’s departure is far from certain. To reassure Saint-Etienne supporters, there is a chance that Bouanga will remain Green (…) Rennes is a beautiful French club with a very large financial capital … but not the club in question for Bouanga is not the Stadium Rennes.