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How has this very particular recovery been since the past week?
Already, during confinement, we tried to stay close to the players, to accompany them, to offer them exercises to keep them in shape. We did not know, at the start, when the recovery would take place. Each one met regularly. With the staff, we regularly took their news and we tried to offer them things. It was the first management. It was not easy to live for top athletes. They were still waiting to resume their trade or not, to interview or not … There were many questions regarding this pandemic and the piecemeal adaptation that had to ensue. I understand, but we have added a lot of questions and discrepancies in the management of this crisis.

Were you affected by the cases of Covid-19 detected within ASSE during the recovery?
Very early on, we had put people in the club to reflect on all these health measures, integrate them into our recovery. How we were going to move in the center (training), in the field ? We did things very seriously. Before entering the center, everyone did their screening. The examinations revealed communicable cases which had taken place during the confinement. It’s drastic. Not penalizing, but particular.

We imagine that you started a very original preparation, with this final of the Coupe de France in the middle in particular?
This final will take place on July 24, it is an official date, confirmed. It’s almost like having two preparations, indeed. And that adds to the problem of trying to think it through.

“Loïc (Perrin) is with us and may have this possibility of extending. We proposed to (Yohan) Cabaye, we are waiting for the answer

With which team will you play this match against PSG?
We ended last season with players who were reaching the end of their contract, with players who were suspended during the Championship and who could not serve their suspension match: this is the case of Kolodziejczak and (Mahdi) Camara. I find it very unfortunate. I find it unfortunate that we did not take into consideration an exceptional case with a hole cut or four months. They will be deprived of the finals and we will be deprived of them. We also have players at the end of the contract, we will take stock. Loïc (Perrin) is with us and may have this possibility of extending. We proposed to (Yohan) Cabaye, we’re waiting for the answer. (William) Saliba (loaned by Arsenal until June 30) returns with pleasure to share some training with us. We will see if there is the possibility of “more if affinities”, as we say.

Claude Puel, still leading the jogging at 58 years old. (A. Martin / L'Équipe)

Claude Puel, still leading the jogging at 58 years old. (A. Martin / L’Équipe)

Is the possible extension of Loïc Perrin a thorny case?
We tried to create a debate between President Romeyer and me, one favorable, the other not, when we have always been on exactly the same wavelength. Loïc was to create a position in a function to be defined within the club. He had to stop his career, but there was this pandemic and this injury. He expressed the desire not to end his huge career in the club in this way. It was new. We listened to him while not promising him anything. We wanted to see how to orchestrate the group. We had to think about it too, knowing that it has been physically impacted and that it is still relevant. Then, when no decision had been made, there was progress with the possibility of extending the players (for a few months). He was offered to resume with the group, with the possibility of preparing for the final, knowing that it would not presage anything that would happen after the Cup match. He is in this stage where he gradually resumes a little apart from the group, with the objective of the final. Afterwards, we will make a new point.

Leaving the field this Wednesday, Stéphane Ruffier said: “You see, I’m here!” What about his situation?
I was satisfied with Jessy’s acting (Mill) before the pandemic. He will start in goals next season. I confirmed it to him as I confirmed it to Stéphane. “