AS Saint-Etienne : ASSE champion of France … of e-Ligue 1! | ASSE Live News

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Opposed to Stefano Pinna, representative of LOSC, Amine Boughanmi said “Mino” won the e-Ligue 1 final with ASSE last night.

A large victory and a draw

Having first won 4-1 for the first round played on Xbox, Mino then played it safe by not necessarily seeking to take risks in the return match. His opponent ran into a fine defense and couldn’t do better than concede a 1-1 draw on PS4. At the end of the two meetings, the Stéphanois representative was therefore the best player and won this e-Ligue 1

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L’ASSE championne de France… de e-Ligue 1 !