AS Saint-Etienne : Mercato: Puel achieves a miracle in the middle of negotiations for Aouchiche | ASSE News

Claude Puel, who settled down at ASSE in October 2019, would be well on his way to putting the Greens in working order for next season. Including in high places.

Claude Puel is a builder. Arrived with this label last October, the ASSE coach seeks as always to rely on a base of young players to move forward. For the moment, this fixed idea has only succeeded halfway with the Greens, where he unfortunately had to see his momentum slowed down by physical glitches of all kinds last season.

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This will not prevent the Castres from betting on youth in 2020-2021. Evidence of this is his interest in Adil Aouchiche. If he recently said that competition would be difficult to dodge on this thorny issue, the ASSE coach is nonetheless confident.

“The two Presidents are ONE with him, like anything can happen”

It must be said that Puel can build on some successes since his arrival in Forez. Mohamed Toubache-Ter, well informed about the Greens, understands that he has the feat of having succeeded in finally getting Bernard Caïazzo and Roland Romeyer to walk hand in hand! “The two Presidents are ONE with him, like anything can happen”, slip the insider on Twitter.